Snow blade fro tillers Professional

Intended use:

The blade is designed for the removal of snow, grain, manure, constriction debris, leveling of terrains.

The blade can be used on various models of hand-operated two-wheelself-propelled machines such as tillers, walking tractors and two-wheel tractors able to produce speed from 1 to 5 km/h and sufficient drawbar pull/forward push.

Mounting onto the machine is accomplished by way of adapter type grip available for various machine models.


The blade is adjustable, operated from the steering wheel. There are two recoiling springs and three axes of rotation:


- for road unevenness;


- to rotate the front angle - 5 different positions;


-  to trip (recoil) the blade upon hitting snow-covered stones, obstructions and hard objects.


This feature protects the operator from injury which may occur as a result of a sudden halt of the machine due to collision in a hard object.

Available in 3 sizes: 820, 980 and 1235 mm.

The blade is manufactured from steel sheets with thickness of 2.5 mm reinforced with strengthening plates and ribs with thickness of 5 mm.

The working portion comprises a bilaterally sharpened steel cutting edge with thickness of 5 mm attached with bolts. After the cutting edge is worn out, it can be replaced.



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