Universal snow blade Economic


The blade is designed for the removal of snow, grain, manure, constriction debris, leveling of terrains.

The blade can be used on various models of hand-operated two-wheelself-propelled machines such as tillers, walking tractors and two-wheel tractors able to produce speed from 1 to 5 km/h and sufficient drawbar pull/forward push.

Mounting onto the machine is accomplished by way of adapter type grip available for various machine models. The blade is installed on the front of the machine. There is one axis of rotation to compensate for road unevenness. The clearing of the snow to the sides of the path is done by maneuvering and periodically turning the machine.

The snow plow is made of hot rolled metal sheets S235JR with thickness 2,5 mm., polymer powder coated with RAL color. The bottom blade is replaceable, made of hot rolled flat bar S235JR, 60 x 5, cold zink coated.

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